Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Reggie!!!

Oh my gosh, our mom is soooo embarrassed. She forgot today was Reggie's birthday! I mean, she knew it was coming and kept talking about it all last week, but today just sneaked up on her! She is super busy with work and yesterday drove 350 miles round trip in one day, so needless to say she is a bit frazzled right now!

But yes, it's true, today Reggie is officially a MANCAT! He was born, as an only child, a year ago.

Here are ten things I love about my little Reggie:

  1. You are always so excited to greet me at the door
  2. You don't run when I am drawing bath water, which means you or your brother will be getting a bath! (At least not yet!)
  3. You make me laugh when you fetch your mousie
  4. You are the best cuddler in the mornings, curled up right under my chin
  5. Your "prairie dog" stance
  6. The way you snuggle against your brother (brotherly love makes mom smile)
  7. You purr non stop
  8. You keep me company in the bathroom when I'm getting ready for bed
  9. You are a very good listener
  10. You made our little family complete :)


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fetching bones now Reggie? Really?

This bone has been in my bucket full of toys for months, but I discovered last night it is fun after all!
My mom would throw it in the hallway and I would bring it back to her everytime! I like it because it is soft like my mousie, but this is obviously a lot bigger! But I won't let it conquer me!
"Please throw my bone for me again?! PLEEEAAASE???"
"Come on lady, what's your problem? Throw the bone already!" --Reggie
"But Reggie, you aren't a dog....sigh" --Mom
"This is what I chose to be doing while my stinkin' little brother was chasing that stupid bone around for 30 minutes" --Marley

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tonkinese Thursday!!!

Introducing Baxter and Birdie!!!

A family friend recently adopted two Tonkinese kittens! They are just too cute for words. They currently live in Southern California but will be moving to Arizona next month. We know that their adventures will continue there.

This is what their mom had to say about them yesterday:

The kittens… well having 2 the same age has been a real eye opener on mania to the extreme! They have to do everything together from using the litter box to eating and drinking at the same time. If one gets into something the other is right behind trying to push their way to see what’s up. Thank heavens they both have been very good at using the box even when the urge hits them when they are in the other room, covering up is another issue. Whew, who knew little guys could stink so much… Here’s the last photo that I took which isn’t easy as they are either awake mock fighting or sleeping.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Takeover Tuesday

Meet Tippy and Katee! They live with my parents and Tippy will be 19 years old this November! Katee will be four in August. Tippy came from the shelter and Katee was a stray kitten that my dad convinced my mom that they keep! They aren't "best friends" like Marley and Reggie, but they don't fight and basically just do their own thing. Well, the only time they do "fight" is when one is on my mom's lap and the other wants on!

The "Tipster" patrolling the yard like he does best!
Ms. Katee in one of her favorite spots on the cool tile floor.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kitty Maintenance Records

In order to keep everything straight and remember when I did what on which kitty, I have to write it down on my calendar. I'm not always perfect, such as with their ear cleaning, since I pretty much do that regularly as needed, I definitely write down when I changed their litter box, when someone got a bath, when I started Reggie's inhaler (in order to know when to order the next one), when I started their new food (so I can tell the vet if it's working after a month), etc, etc...

PS: Reggie's inhaler is doing wonders for him. In the first three weeks he only had 6 minor attacks (that we heard anyways); he was having them pretty much daily before that...I read that it could take a couple of weeks for the inhaler to really start it's "magic", so we started the count over for another three weeks and will see what that shows us. I think he can sort of taste the inhaler because after I am done giving it to him, he always opens his mouth and smacks his mouth together and sticks his tongue out - sort of cute if you ask me.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009