Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Report Card from our Pet Sitter

While our mom was gone, a great service, The Pet Staff, took great care of us. This is the second time mom has used them and they are so great. They leave little notes every day and are very good with the kitties. Here are a few quotes from their daily "report cards", as I like to call them.

  • "They are so curious about everything and so adorable and affectionate. I look forward to my visits with them"
  • "Marley played hide and go seek with me on the window sill behind the couch and blinds"
  • "The boys greeted me at the door today..."
  • "Both babies gobbled down their treats"
  • "They batted their toys around and I could spend the whole afternoon with them - they're so much fun!"
  • "I'd toss a toy in the air and Reggie would leap in the air to catch it like a puppy!"
  • "It is an icy day so I will help keep them stay warm"
  • "Of course Reggie is eating up most of the treats and food I put out"
  • "Reggie had his mousie on the bed this a.m."
  • "Thank you for the joy of caring for your charming, sweet boys"
It is so nice to go on vacation knowing your kitties are well looked after! Such a relief, really...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Off to the Snow?

Our mom is off to romp around in some stuff called snow until Monday, so we will see you all when she gets back!

Stay warm! We will try our best to sleep as much as possible, as good kitties should.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snuggle Saturday...

This morning I had a "bunk bed" of kitties on me while I was still waking up. First Reggie came in and got right under my arm pit, then Marley got right on top of my stomach under the blankets. I was layered with warm bodied Sphynx'!

Then just earlier tonight, they were snuggling (like always) with each other. I love my boys!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ups and Downs from the Weekend....

  • Telecommuted from home (good)
  • Doctor appointment in the afternoon (fine)
  • Coming back to my car after being in the doctor's office for only one hour and finding my passenger window smashed and my GPS stolen (BAD)
  • Getting my window fixed and the nice lady giving me the AAA "Gold" discount (good)
  • Making my chicken mole dish for dinner (yummy)
  • Going to the movies and seeing Twilight (fun)
  • Coming home from the movie and seeing that Reggie's chin/neck area was very puffy (BAD)
  • Not being able to sleep in because I needed to take Reggie to the vet (BAD)
  • Getting to the vet right when they opened and being the first walk-in (good)
  • Getting antibiotics for Reggie and the whole visit only costing me $21 - he's on the wellness plan so visits are free (GOOD!)
  • After one dose of Reggie's antibiotics his neck appeared less swollen (good)
  • Having Reggie keep me warm under the covers all night (good)
So, all in all it wasn't a totally horrible weekend, but I could have gone without my car getting broken into. And just a side note on that. It happened in broad daylight, on the corner of a busy street (Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood!), with a Burger King drive through right across from where I was parked and tons of pedestrians walking around everywhere. Go figure. Hmph!

The vet said it was not Reggie's lymph node that was swollen (good!), but that it could either be from the saliva gland and the mucus not draining like it should, or from bacteria, which we are hoping it is. I think it is bacteria related because like I said, after only a few doses of the antibiotics it looked like the swelling had decreased. The vet asked if I had another cat at home (not my usual vet on Sunday, so he didn't know I had another sphynx at home) and I said yes. He asked if they wrestle/play fight and I said yes. His theory was that it could have resulted when Marley "bites" Reggie in that region on his neck while they are wrestling....and come to think of it, I had just brushed Marley's teeth earlier last week for the first time in several months, thus releasing lots and lots of bacteria, I'm sure!

Have a great week everyone!

Oh, and we are finally getting some "winter" weather here in So. California. Poured and poured all last night and is still raining.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Staying Warm

Here are a couple ways we stay warm. We stand on furniture directly over the floor heater or we lay on our snuggle safe after our mom has heated it up in the microwave. Yes, it's actually getting a little bit cold here in Southern California (finally!) Have a great weekend everyone. I'm sure we'll be snoozing a lot, as usual...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reggie's Mouse is being held HOSTAGE!

Meet Gus, my co-worker's dog. His mom bought a mouse for Reggie, but Gus is holding it hostage!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Christmas Tree


UPDATE: The vet appointment was great on Sunday. I put Marley & Reggie in the same carrier for the 25 minute drive to the vet's office. They do so much better and are much calmer being in the same carrier. Marley received two vaccinations and Reggie was tagging along for a wellness checkup. Marley still weighs 8.7lbs, but Reggie, at only 8 months weighs a whopping 8.1lbs!

The vet suggested I only put enough dry food in their bowls so that they will run out during the day at some point. Since they are strictly indoor only cats they do have a bit extra weight, and even though they are Sphynx' and eat much more, Reggie is still a bit pudgy! So, I am trying the new feeding routine. They are just like humans - when we get bored, after being inside all day, we eventually head to the kitchen and eat just for eating's sake!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sights we see

Here are a few things we see when we look outside. The neighbor has two black boy cats and this is one of them. We often have stare down contests between the glass!

A few updates from our Mom:

  • Reggie continues to play fetch daily, often causing me to throw his mouse for him 20-30 times...in a row! And each time he brings it back!
  • Both Marley and Reggie will be going to the vet on Sunday (yes, our vet works on Sunday!) Marley is due for his yearly shot(s) and Reggie is just tagging along for a wellness check-up.
  • Reggie still coughs, but not as much. I will talk to the vet about this on Sunday. He also threw up a few days ago for the first time. This was scary as his tongue was hanging way out of his mouth as he coughed and then finally hacked up dry food.
  • Reggie continues to gain weight and his nickname is now "Butterball". I have a feeling the vet will say something, and not in a good way, about his weight.
  • Marley got a bath tonight and was very, very good!
  • Both kitties are very cuddly at night and Reggie loves getting under the covers with me early in the morning.
  • And lastly....if Reggie fails to cover up his you know whats, Marley comes along and covers it for him! What a good brother! I guess he doesn't appreciate the smell either!