Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Kitty Areas

Well, Marley has been battling another eye infection (chronic for him I think), but it is finally clearing up with the Terramycin.

I know I posted about kitty asthma a few posts back, and we suspected that Reggie might have it. He would crouch down low to the ground several times a day and cough like he was trying to hack up a hairball. This would last about 10-20 seconds and then he'd stop and act like nothing was wrong. I had taken a video and showed my vet and she said it did look like an asthma attack, but she wasn't too concerned just yet...she said she hadn't seen any mucus when Reggie was under anesthesia getting neutered so she said we would monitor if it got worse or not. In the meantime, I emailed Reggie's breeder and she wrote back saying that it sounded like he has a secondary respiratory infection and suggested we try a certain medication some of her cats had been on before.

I then forwarded this information on to my vet (yes, she gave me her email address!). She said we could try the medication the breeder suggested...and...we are on day 3 and I have not heard any coughing attacks from Reggie!!! Here's to hoping the medication is working! And...amazingly enough, Reggie is sooo easy to give a pill too!

So since I haven't taken many recent pictures of them, here are some pictures of their "kitty areas"

A wall hanging my aunt gave me....and oh so true!
The litter box corner! You might be wondering why there are two and one is uncovered. Well, Reggie refused to use the covered one when we first brought him home, but now, for some reason, both are using the covered one again. My hope is to phase out the other one...but then again, with the sphynx metabolism, two litter boxes are sort of necessary.
Toys, toys, and more toys!
Kitty "townhouse" and scratching mats.


WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

I love to see other kitties' areas! You have some nice things for your babies ... they are very well spoiled! I'm glad to hear that Reggie's breeder was helping in getting him the right meds and that they seem to be working for him! *purrs*

Anonymous said...

We are glad Reggie has stopped coughing! Hooray! You have lots of great toys, and is that a Boogie Mat we see?

Margaret Cloud said...

You can tell you love your cats by the pictures, they are very nice. Just stopping by to say Hi and inviting you to come on by. I love to see people with pets taking good care of them, after all they are part of the family.