Monday, September 28, 2009

Update Galore!

Meooooow! Since we checked in last so much has been going on! We will give you a quick run down via a list to update everyone! We promise to check in more often, at least once a week. Here goes nothing! (In no particular order, just as our mom thinks of things):

  1. We ran out of kitty litter one day and our mom had to buy this really dusty kind (Tidy Cats Small Spaces). Well, as it turns out us kitties LOVED the dusty litter and only used that cat box. But we are now back to our normal "pine" dust free kind. Darn!
  2. Reggie had his bi-annual comprehensive exam last week at the vet. They drew blood (they had to charge Mom $17 for extra restraint!), did lab work, listened to his heart and lungs, etc, etc, and everything is within normal limits and he breathes comfortably! Yeah! The vet called Reggie a "crazy dude!"
  3. Mom and Dad had a few trips, so the pet sitter lady came by. We were good kitties and even cuddly with her one day. Reggie was soooo good and even let the pet sitter lady administer his inhaler each day without a fight! This makes Mom happy.
  4. Reggie has stopped being so "selfish" and even cleans Marley now from time to time! (Marley has always cleaned Reggie, even going so far as to lick inside of his ears - yuckie if you ask Mom!)
  5. Marley has a new obsession that we like to call "securing the perimeter". He runs from room to room looking out all the windows, and then takes off to another window looking outside. It's like he's on the lookout for ninja attack cats or something. It's very funny and his eyes are all dilated with his ears pinned back as he does this!
  6. Mom and Dad got engaged after almost 6 years of dating!
  7. Marley and Reggie all of a sudden stopped drinking out of their Petmate Water Fountain. They will only drink out of a cup on top of the kitchen counter now. This is super annoying and Mom wishes they would start drinking out of their fountain bowl again. Any advice???
  8. Warning, this next one is pretty gross: Mom is confused why Marley and Reggie's poops are different colors even though they eat the exact same dry food. Any one else experience this?
  9. Reggie has taken on a new nickname which is "Pookie" - don't know how/why I started calling him this.
  10. Marley is ridiculously vocal when he wants to be petted. It's actually very cute.
  11. Both cats LOVE to sleep in our bed all burrowed under the covers...but only when we're NOT in it! Little stinkers, I like cuddling with them.
  12. Both cats have taken to sleeping on top of the kitchen table. They like the sun that shines through there.
Have a great week my furry (and not furry) friends!


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

That's a lot of good Mews! Our mewmie is behind on posting an update, and it sure was good to read yours.

Is Reggie on cortisone for his asthma too? that could affect stool color. Heck, maybe even the inhaler could?

You could try putting the fountain in a different spot. Sometimes if they run low and sputter, the cat associates that sound with the thing and place.

Yay on the engagement news!

Oh yeah, that tech restraint fee...

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! So much news and so little time! :) I suspect that each cat has different gut flora and that may affect the color of the stool.

STUEY said...

My kitties like the cup on the counter too, even though they have bowls on the floor. I think it is because it is my glass and they like to share. What is in the cup, looks dark? Two different kitties with two different poops!, just like us humans we can eat the same but poop in different shades! lol

Noll's Nip said...

Wow...lots going on! #6 is especially special (congrats!!!)

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

That is a LOT of news! A LOT of poopie info, too. From what our momma knows, the color of poop is not only related to what we are eating but how we are digesting what we are eating - think bout it☺

Junior and Orion said...

Wow! That is lots of happenings!

Concatulations on the engagement!

Tina said...

I'm such a mean mommy. I would just stop putting the cup on the counter so they have no choice but to drink from their fountain. Who's more stubborn--you or the kitties? Moving it to a different spot at the same time is a good idea!

Margaret Cloud said...

I enjoyed reading your update. Hope you are having a nice weekend.