Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cats Can Play Fetch Too!!!

Reggie loves this little mouse of his; well, it technically used to be Marley's, but he could care less about it now. Reggie will carry this around in his mouth and bring it over and drop it at my feet. I then throw it as far as I can, and he will bring it time this same pattern must have continued for 50+ times! He is such a riot! I have to hide the mouse at night though so that he does not bring it on the bed at 6:00am ready to play fetch (yes, he did this before).

All I have to say is, "Where's your mousie?" and he gets all excited and knows we are about to embark on a game of fetch!!!

Oh, and on the litter box front Reggie seems to be using his litter box now from what I can tell....this new litter I bought, "Kitten Attract" seems to be working (I buy it at Petsmart)....we'll see if it continues!!

Sorry, should have muted the TV! I'm still learning, so ignore the obnoxious noise in the background!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ooooooh, Jan would love to have one like Reggie. We kitties do NOT fetch. We woofies will but Jan says we're bulls in a china shop. Kind of insulting is you ask us! But a kitty that fetches? Just the right size for the house.

PS - Please don't let Jan see video. Hide it if she comes by.

Whicky Wuudler said...

Hi Marley and Reggie. You look as if you have a very good life there, with lots of fun. My Mum almost fainted when she saw the pictures of you both as kittens. It was a cute overload for her.


Honey P. Sunshine said...

dat is so kyoot!

gus said...

You do realize that the next step is for Reggie to leave a real mouse at your feet!